2020-10-18: News Headlines

Joe Emersberger (2020-10-18). Latest UN report on Venezuela is not remotely honest (Part 2). zcomm.org On September 15, UN investigators published a 411 page report about the human rights situation in Venezuela.[1] Part 1 of my analysis of the report focused on its gross dishonesty about opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez. The report reviewed his career since 2000 but never mentioned his proud participation in coup attempts, in particular the briefly

teleSUR (2020-10-17). Colombia: Another Community Leader Murdered in Antioquia. telesurenglish.net A group of armed man Saturday killed Colombia's social leader Jairo Pulgarin, who was a farmer and served as vice president of the Community Action Board of the Tesorito village, in Antioquia Department. | RELATED: | According to local outlets, the hitmen attacked Pulgarin with stabbing weapons and firearms until he was killed. | The events took place close to the town of Barro Blanco, approximately one hour from t…

W. T. Whitney (2020-10-16). Medical Doctors Seek Social and Political Solutions for COVID 19 Crisis. counterpunch.org It didn't seem to fit. The website of the Colombian Communist Party on October 5 published a medical doctor's reflections on recharacterizing a disease. Félix León Martínez MD quoted extensively from an editorial appearing in the famous British medical journal Lancet. He and Lancet editor Richard Horton MD claim that COVID 19 is not a

teleSUR (2020-10-15). Brazil Carried Out War Games on the Border With Venezuela. telesurenglish.net During the visit of the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Brazil in September, President Jair Bolsonaro's administration conducted war drills in the jungles of the state of Amazonas on the border with Venezuela. | RELATED: | The military games cost US$1.1 million, involved 3,600 men, and carried out the launching of artillery rockets with a range of 80 kilometers. | Under the Access to Information Law, the loc…

Manuela Solé (2020-10-15). Venezuela's Maduro Vows to Train More Doctors as Covid Numbers Recede. venezuelanalysis.com A Chinese Covid-19 vaccine will soon arrive in the nation for clinical trials.

teleSUR (2020-10-15). Venezuela Starts Clinical Trials of Russia's COVID-19 Vaccine. telesurenglish.net Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro informed his nation that 2,000 volunteers are already participating in the clinical trials of Sputnik, the Russian COVID-19 vaccine. | RELATED: | "The Russian vaccine is here and the tests have already begun… In addition, thousands of Chinese vaccines will come to the country," Maduro said during a program broadcast by Venezolana de Television on Wednesday. | In the first half of 2…

Ricardo Vaz (2020-10-15). Venezuela: Oil Production Shows Modest Uptick as Gov't Seeks Foreign Investment. venezuelanalysis.com The country's new "anti-blockade law" looks to boost conditions for foreign investors.

oneworld.press (2020-10-14). Americans Are Going To Study The Genotype Of Turkmens Under The Pretext Of Food Certification. oneworld.press In the context of our Republic, the microbiological laboratory "Hill Standard" is functioning, opened in March last year with the participation of the U.S. Agency for international development (USAID) and the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan. The idea looks tempting: assistance to Turkmenistan in improving the quality of food products and creating new jobs should only please.

news.un (2020-10-14). Continued violence strains Colombia peace process, Security Council hears. news.un.org Enormous challenges remain on the road to lasting peace in Colombia, where despite ongoing attacks and stigmatization, the vast majority of former FARC-EP fighters who laid down their weapons under a 2016 peace agreement with the Government, remain engaged in the reintegration process, the head of the UN mission in the South American country says.