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2021-03-28: News Headlines

_____ (2021-03-28). Permanent Peoples' Tribunal Tries State Terrorism In Colombia. popularresistance.org The Permanent Peoples' Tribunal (PPT), which was established as a continuation of the Russell Tribunals on Vietnam and Latin America, began on Friday hearings to address violence in Colombia. | This Italy-based tribunal was convened by over 150 humanitarian and social organizations. Bogota, Medellin, and Bucaramanga are the cities where the international ethical judges will hear testimonies on genocide, impunity, and crimes against the Peace process. | "Genocide in Colombia is not only linked to murders or partial or total extermination.

_____ (2021-03-28). Venezuelan Army Reports New Attack On Border Post With Colombia. popularresistance.org The Strategic Operational Commander of the Venezuelan Army (FANB) Admiral Remigio Ceballos reported through his Twitter account that on the night of Wednesday, March 24, "a group of Colombian criminals tried to attack a border post and several terrorists were neutralized." | "We continue to give heavy blows to Colombian irregular criminal groups that flee to Colombia, and no one stops them. Last night they tried to attack a border post and several terrorists were neutralized. Search and Attack Operations Continue! We will win!" reads the message on the social media network.

Geraldina Colotti (2021-03-28). Contra Venezuela, el Far West "democrático" de los países imperialistas. globalizacion.ca Hay muchas buenas razones para defender el derecho a la existencia de la revolución bolivariana. Algunas de ellas se relacionan con la esencia misma del ser humano como ser social capaz de experimentar sentimientos de identificación con el dolor del…