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2023-11-05: News Headlines

Andreína Chávez Alava, Venezuelanalysis. (2023-11-05). The Subversive Truth: US Collective Gaslighting Will Be Defeated. popularresistance.org In the 1940s, a Hollywood movie called "Gaslight" left us a few lessons on how psychological terrorism and manipulation work. In this black-and-white thriller, an unscrupulous man convinces his young wife she is crazy through a campaign of false accusations and fabricated problems. | Quite literally, the husband spends the movie secretly hiding objects and dimming the gaslights in the house, then accusing the wife of being forgetful and imagining things, thus diminishing her self-worth and distorting her sense of reality. The goal was to get rid of her while maintaining his image of a good, caring husband, a hero…

teleSUR, JDO (2023-11-05). Presidente venezolano se reúne con delegación vietnamita. telesurtv.net Los acuerdos firmados entre ambos países ayudarán a consolidar los lazos de hermandad, así como las relaciones diplomáticas y los nexos de cooperación.

teleSUR, nbb, JGN (2023-11-05). Uganda y Venezuela fortalecen relaciones políticas y de cooperación. telesurtv.net Durante su estadía en el país africano, el canciller Gil sostuvo diferentes reuniones con representantes de la nación.

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